IsoMatch Grip

This ISOBUS auxiliary device is built with operator comfort in mind. Its ergonomic shape and the complete freedom of assigning and controlling a total of 44 implement functions from one device are unique in the market today.

Full control at your fingertips
Technology is developing fast and tractors and implements are becoming more equipped with high tech electronics. Therefore this simple to use auxiliary device is made for easy machine control and efficient farming. You are in full control of the machine in exactly the way you want. Create function commands for your ISOBUS implements as you wish, it is fully configurable. And assignments are saved per machine making it even more applicable to your needs.

The IsoMatch Grip is especially developed to work together with the ISOBUS terminals IsoMatch Tellus, the IsoMatch Tellus GO and the IsoMatch Tellus PRO.

Endless possibilities
The IsoMatch Grip supports up to four work modes, each identified by a colored LED. For each individual work mode eleven function assignments can be created. Switching between work modes is as easy as pressing the button assigned to this function. In total 44 function assignments can be mapped to the IsoMatch Grip’s buttons! At your fingertips you have endless possibilities for controlling all the machines you want.

For additional safety, a trigger on the back of the IsoMatch Grip provides protection against accidentally activating implement functions. Its smart user interface gives an immediate overview of the active function assignments, and can be used as a reminder while working with the machine.

ISOBUS – always compatible
The uniform ISOBUS language enables standardised communication between the different tractors, implements, terminals and also accessories. Kverneland Group, being a leader in ISOBUS technology, always ensures compatibility of the IsoMatch Grip with all ISOBUS machines supporting the auxiliary functionality (AUX-N). Connecting the IsoMatch Grip is as simple as plugging it into the ISOBUS standard 9-pin in-cab connector in your tractor. Just plug in and you are ready to go!